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With 9 out of 10 consumers conducting online research before purchasing a product or service, if your business doesn’t have a website, you could be losing more business than you realize.

In today’s world, we use the internet for everything. We search up friends and family on social media, we look for information and directions on Google – and most importantly, we seek out products and services (and their reviews) online before making any purchases. If your business cannot be found on the internet, your products or services are likely not even being considered. This can be devastating for your business in the long run.

With this being said, still – only 54% of small business owners actually have a website for there business. Why? Well, it mostly comes down to cost. A typical website can run you up thousands of dollars. It’s a major “in-demand” service that takes time. Having something tailor-made just for you, where you’re able to change your mind a hundred times over before getting it just right… it can be daunting for your designer and even just creating a site is exhausting in itself. Ya sure, you’re just sitting in front of a computer for 8, 10,12 hours a day … but it’s mentally exhausting for your designer – and so, with that – the price tends to be high.

But it doesn’t always have to be. If you contact your designer with a clear plan, a clear goal, and your expectations – the right designer can create your site quickly, efficiently and with as few headaches as possible (for both you and your designer).

Yes, at the end of the day you can be looking at a $950-$2500 invoice for the perfect website — but think about the revenue potential it will bring you. In due time, it will actually pay for itself. It’s the age of technology, staying current with how society rolls can literally make your business sink or swim. If you haven’t got a site (or have a site that is extremely outdated) you need to get in the game and score big with an increase in visibility which in turn creates an increase in revenue. The right website will work FOR you.

Melissa is a web designer and SEO specialist with over 20 years experience. She is a full-time Super-Mom of 4 children and 3 dogs, while she runs MD Web & SEO full time out of her home in Ontario, Canada and still manages (somehow) to find time to blog about everything web design, SEO, and even her personal life.


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