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Want to know more about my design process?

Creating a website for a client is both fun and stressful (but in a good way!). I get to unleash my creative energy while creating a gorgeous backdrop for your business. I can’t stress enough the importance of having a website these days. You want someone who is just OOZING creativity and gets excited at the mere thought of a new project. You want ME!

 I like simplicity in life, and although I don’t always get what I want (wouldn’t it be nice!) I have broken down my process to be as simple as possible. Not everyone I work with is tech savvy, and some people just don’t have the time – they just want it done! So I have created a simple process that gets me in line with my clients wants and needs and gets me pumping out a finished product with as few revisions as possible.

Part of what helps me be successful is my innate ability to read, feel and understand people. I guess I kind of have some mild empathic abilities about me. Who knows! I just know that whatever gift I have to read and understand what people want… it works!

So here it is… my step-by-step process design process…

1) A 1 Hour Phone Consultation

Before I begin anything, I always book a free 1-hour phone consultation with my clients. Sometimes it’s done over video (Skype) as well. The idea here to really communicate with you, to get to know you on a personal level. To give you a chance to really discuss what you’re looking for, what you want, and to give you a chance to really discuss your business. I love hearing the passion in my clients voices when they talk about their business.

2) Email Questionnaire

After our consultation call, I always send off an email questionnaire that gives the client time to really think about what they want and what they expect from me. This questionnaire is short, consisting of less than 10 questions, and will sometimes overlap on things that were discussed during the phone call. I do this intentionally 🙂

3) Mock Up

While you’re taking a few days to answer the questionnaire – I’ll start creating a mock-up design based off the of notes I took during our phone consultation as I can generally get a good feel for you at that stage. Once I receive back the questionnaire, I will use that to finalize the mock-up adding in or changing any elements you may stipulate in the questionnaire. Once complete, I’ll send you the demo link to the site for your approval.

4) Content & Revisions

At this stage, you have approved the design and we are ready to start adding the content. Once the content is added in, I advise you once again – now is the time for revisions. Now is the time that you need to take a few days to really decide what needs to be changed, edited, added or removed. I recommend that you take 2-3 days, create a list of changes and then request the revision. We do this a few times over until you are satisfied with the results.

5) Transfer & Go Live!

Once everything is completed and you are pumped about your new website – then we transfer the ownership to you and make that site go live! I do stay on as a contributor for the site so that I can maintain the site (if requested).

Now it’s up to you to take on the world with this beautiful site that will open up so many doors for you and your business. Being connected these days is so crucial. In the digital age – if you’re not online, you don’t exist.

So let’s change that! Let’s make 2018 the year where you bust onto the scene with an amazing new site and create for yourself the life you’ve always dreamed. Yes – having a website actually can make your dreams come true!

Melissa is a web designer and SEO specialist with over 20 years experience. She is a full-time Super-Mom of 4 children and 3 dogs, while she runs MD Web & SEO full time out of her home in Ontario, Canada and still manages (somehow) to find time to blog about everything web design, SEO, and even her personal life.

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