Finding The Right Web Hosting Service

Finding the Right Web Hosting

With so many options to choose these days, how does one find the right web hosting company that is suitable for their needs? What are the important factors you should consider when looking at a new web hosting company? Because we are creatures of habit, we tend to go with what we already know. is widely popular and often recommended as the #1 site for WordPress hosting. Then we have sites like who are famously known for their domain services and fantastic deals. But are these sites perfect for what you need? Today we are going to take a look at some factors you should consider when looking at a new web hosting company.

Customer Service.

One of the most important factors is customer service. If you have a problem, will you get a quick response? Will your web hosting company be quick and helpful in their support? Will you be playing cat and mouse, or will you have to wait 24 hours for a response? Furthermore, are their support centers open 24/7 for all your support needs? If your site goes down at 2am – is there someone who can help you immediately or do you have to wait until regular business hours resume? Can your business afford to suffer any downtime due to lack of customer support? This is something to really consider. Don’t you agree?

Uptime Guarantees.

Does your web hosting company provide an uptime guarantee? No? Why not? And why is this even important? Uptime is the amount of time the servers are up and functioning. While no web hosting company will ever have 100% uptime (and if they do, I advise you to steer clear of them) because even servers need downtime for maintenance. When you’re looking at a new web hosting company, check to make sure they have a 99% uptime guarantee. Anything less is considered unacceptable for your website and your business.

Backup Services.

What happens if you make a fatal error on your site? Let’s say you accidentally deleted a blog post that you busted your ass on. Will your web hosting company be able to provide you with a backup in just a few, quick and easy strokes? This is a big one. Make sure that your web hosting company has some form of a backup system. Ask questions, how often do they back up your data? How easy is it to ask for a restore? The last thing you want is to lose data and then have to fight with your web hosting company to get it back.

Paid Extras.

If your web hosting company offers you an amazing deal, but then you have to pay extra for certain essential items (like emails or blogs) you’ll want to avoid these companies. You want to look for an “all-in-one” like MD Data Host where you pay a small monthly fee (in this case $5.25 CDN) per month and it already includes the essentials like 100 email accounts, free one-click blog application software, and all the other essentials we’ve already discussed in this post.

Ease of Access.

Making sure you have full on access to your account is imperative. Ensuring that making changes to your account is not a difficult process. Needing FTP access or access to make PHP changes. Maybe you need to increase the memory of your site. Can you do this yourself or with ease through your web hosting company’s support system? If not, stay away! You should be able to control and access every part of your website’s backend, and if you can’t – that is a serious problem and you need to find another hosting company that will allow you full on access.

Exit Strategy.

Your web hosting company should provide you an easy and clearly defined exit strategy should you decide to pull out and move elsewhere. Read the fine print of their cancellation policy – are there any strings attached? Do you feel like they are making the process difficult? Have you heard any horror stories about other clients trying to take their business elsewhere? If so, avoid that company and find one that makes both coming and going a breeze.



When looking for a web hosting company, you really need to make sure that you’re covering all your bases. Make sure you know and understand your specific needs and then search for a web hosting company that fits those specific needs. Another thing to consider is, are you building your website yourself or having someone do it for you? What about having a “one-stop-shop” for all your web service needs? MD Web & SEO provides website design services, web maintenance services, SEO services as well as web hosting services. Having one company do it all for you can really help make your life easier and allows you to focus more on what’s really important… your actual business.

Melissa is a web designer and SEO specialist with over 20 years experience. She is a full-time Super-Mom of 4 children and 3 dogs, while she runs MD Web & SEO full time out of her home in Ontario, Canada and still manages (somehow) to find time to blog about everything web design, SEO, and even her personal life.

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